ADAS diagnostics and calibration moves into the cloud

In an ever-changing technical landscape, remote diagnostic technology is now critical to the provision of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration. This technology removes the wait for software calibration data for new vehicle models, ensuring customer convenience and safety are consistently delivered.

ADAS calibration must be completed following windscreen replacement, to ensure safety systems on the vehicle are working as intended, as per the Thatcham Insurance Industry Regulations (IIR).  If there is a delay in getting software updates for new model vehicles, drivers can be faced with the inconvenience of having to book a second appointment for ADAS calibration with their local vehicle dealership.

We use remote diagnostics solution from Core Diagnostics. The remote tool simply plugs into the onboard diagnostics (OBD) port. The system is entirely cloud-based and, once the required security handshake with the ECU is complete, the Core Diagnostics team can connect to the vehicles ECU`s and implement the calibration procedure.

 “The Core Diagnostics tool gives National Windscreens far greater vehicle coverage

Rob Roberts, technical advisor at National Windscreens, comments: 

“Remote Diagnostics technology allows us to receive live input from Core Diagnostics to our fitting centres across the UK. The technology that enables communication between the external tester tool and the vehicle.

“The team at Core Diagnostics instantly connect to the vehicle remotely and access the required diagnostic information through the Cloud. Our technician then corresponds with the Core Diagnostics specialist via live chat to receive instructions and information to do with the calibration. Confirmation that the job has been completed is sent over the chat followed by an ADAS Protocol Certificate, via email. 

“The repair reports that Core Diagnostics send to us are given to the customer which offers them peace of mind. These are now part of the Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR), the guidance from Thatcham Research, that aim to clarify the safe calibration and repair of ADAS-equipped vehicles.

“The Core Diagnostics tool gives us greater vehicle coverage which is essential in the ADAS market and gives our technicians the tools to be the best in the industry. The quick response time from the Core Diagnostics team means a speedy resolution for our customers,” concludes Rob.

The team at Core Diagnostics

Remote Diagnostics is incredibly useful in aftermarket calibration because its ensures that data is available for the latest vehicles immediately. There is no waiting for software updates on aftermarket equipment.

There are challenges regarding remote diagnostics, specifically with slower internet connection in some parts of the UK. The improvements in internet access, including the roll-out of 5G, fibreoptic broadband and satellite internet, will give these areas a better speed of connection.

Mark Fleming, CEO of Core Diagnostics says:

“We’re delighted to partner with National Windscreens. ADAS calibration can be a complex and specialist procedure. However, with our cloud-based remote diagnostic technology and the highly skilled team of IMI-accredited technicians we have here at Core Diagnostics, we can resolve any challenges that National Windscreen’s technicians encounter quickly and efficiently.”

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