First Hydrogen and the Potential of FCEVs

This week, our team attended MIRA to find out more about First Hydrogen and the potential of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Clare Bestall and Craig Gibson had the opportunity to visit the MIRA site in Coventry to find out more about hydrogen as a viable fuel alternative.

Craig Gibson, ESG specialist, said: “The event was a great opportunity for Clare and me to drive the test vehicles on the MIRA proving ground track and really understand FCEV technology in detail. First Hydrogens FCEV technology has the potential to greatly reduce fossil fuel use in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) market.

First Hydrogen testing

“The test vehicles can be refuelled with hydrogen in 5 minutes, this gives an operating range of approximately 500 kilometres which isn't greatly impacted by vehicle load or temperature unlike battery electric vehicles (BEV) and the only tail pipe emission is water.

“It was very interesting from an emissions perspective. It will be fascinating to see how the government bodies and organisations work together to roll out the required infrastructure. The idea of zero emission fleets running on renewably produced fuel through solar is very exciting. Hydrogen can be produced through wind, biomass and solar powered sources and offers the road user a far greater range in comparison to EVs.”

“Thank you to Allan Rushforth and the team for inviting us. I am very excited to see how hydrogen can shake up the market and meet the challenges of infrastructure, production, and competition from EVs,” said Craig.