Your car during lockdown - is it ready for action when you need it?

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Date: May 2020

Many people have been using their vehicles a lot less during lock down and some have stopped using them completely. This lack of use can lead to issues with the reliability of your vehicle unless you take steps to keep it in good condition. So whether it’s an essential trip for food or you need it to return to work, make sure your car is fit and ready for when you need it.

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Check your vehicle glass

Make sure you clean the vehicle glass before you start a journey. Obscured vision by dirty glass can cause accidents and you could be prosecuted for having a vehicle on the road that is not safe.

Wash your windscreen

Do not put the windscreen wipers on when you have a dry windscreen, this can damage the glass and the wipers if there is dirt on the glass. Use the washers first to wet the windscreen, or better still wash the windscreen by hand using detergent and warm water.

Check your car battery

If the car has not been driven for some time and has not been kept charged by other means, it can lose its power, and this can even lead to a damaged battery that then needs to be replaced.  If you are not using your vehicle very much, try using a trickle charger to keep the battery in tip top condition. Using it for frequent short journeys will flatten the battery even further so try to only use it for essential journeys.

For electric and plug in vehicles, maintaining a 50% charge is normally recommended but do not allow it to drop below 30%. If they are not being used regularly it is important that you check the recommendations for your vehicle.


Check the condition and pressure. Tyres may have gone down if they have not been used.


Let the handbrake on and off occasionally, if it is left on for long periods it could get stuck. Before you do this, make sure the vehicle is on the flat, with wheels chocked and in gear (or P for automatics), to stop it rolling.

Engine oil and water

Check the levels and top up as necessary before undertaking a journey.

Air conditioning

Using your air conditioning helps to prevent problems that might occur after a long period of not being used.


Check you lights before you undertake a journey. The law still requires you to have correctly working lights even if you are taking advantage of the MOT exemption allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Keep you fuel tank full to stop moisture and rust developing inside.

Get your damaged windscreen repaired now

A chip in the windscreen can be quickly repaired and, in many cases, we can do a free repair depending on your insurance policy. Getting a chip repaired quickly can prevent the damage progressing and the cost of having a replacement screen.

For help with windscreen chip repairs or glass replacement visit us online at or call 0800 955 0108.

For more guidance on safer travel in cars and other vehicles, visit the government website here.