Winter is coming so keep your windscreen in tip top condition

With adverse weather and longer nights, driving in winter can be especially hazardous. National Windscreens is advising drivers on how to keep their windscreens in top condition.

The combination of cold driving conditions and warm heaters creates stress on the windscreen, causing chips to crack, leading to avoidable time off the road. Damage to roads caused by freezing conditions increases the number of potholes and loose stones, the main causes of windscreen cracks or chips. Even existing chips can worsen due to frozen water expanding within the crack. Checking your windscreen should be an essential part of your safety routine, especially during the winter months when driving situations can become dangerous.

National Windscreens has compiled some top tips to help motorists keep their windscreens in good condition this winter.

Pete Marsden, managing director at National Windscreens, says “winter challenges most motorists, with wet, icy roads, low sun and glare. With the changing weather, drivers might not always be focusing on the best ways to look after windscreens. However prior preparation to make sure the vehicle is properly maintained can save motorists money, which is why we’ve produced this checklist.”

Operating the UK’s largest fitting and calibration centre network in its field, National Windscreens has extensive experience in getting vehicles back on the road in record time during the winter season. Pete continues; “to help prevent windscreen breakages during the winter season, National Windscreens always recommends that motorists regularly check for small chips or damage to the glass as it is far less expensive to repair a chip than it is to replace a windscreen.”

National Windscreens offers a free windscreen check service designed to highlight potential MOT failures at all of its 108 fitting and calibration centres, as well as winter vehicle checks for fleet customers. 

To get your version of National Windscreens top tips on winter driving, download the Winter Driving Guide:

National Windscreens - Winter Driving Tips