Don’t get stuck in your tracks this festive period – check your vehicle first

Over 11.5million journeys are expected on UK roads this festive period

Christmas and New Year is one of the busiest times on UK roads, with more than 11.5 million car journeys expected to be made throughout the festive week, culminating in nearly 2 million vehicles battling for road space on Christmas Eve, according to figures just published by the RAC.

While congestion will be one problem leaving drivers and their passengers frustrated, many motorists will find themselves on the side of the road with vehicle problems that could have been avoided, according to National Windscreens.

“Simple vehicle checks before heading out on a long festive journey can save a lot of time and frustration,” said Pete Marsden, managing director of National Windscreens, who operate the UK’s largest windscreen fitting and calibration centre network.

With recent winter conditions increasing the amount of grit and debris on the UK roads, it is extremely important to make regular checks for cracks or chips in a windscreen that could turn into a shattered screen.

Cold driving conditions and warm heaters increase the stress on the windscreen whilst freezing conditions can expand water caught in a crack. This can make a windscreen shatter, causing what could be an extremely dangerous situation when driving.

“Recent snow and ice means many of our roads are strewn with debris, such as chippings from pot holes caused by the freezing conditions, or where water from the snow melt has left mud and other items on the road surface.

“While many drivers will check their oil and tyres before a long journey, they might overlook existing damage to their windscreen. We like to remind drivers that repair is far less expensive than a windscreen replacement so always check for glass damage,” said Pete

National Windscreens offers a free windscreen check service designed to highlight potential problems and MOT failures at all of its 108 fitting and calibration centres.

The company has extensive experience in getting vehicles back on the road in record time, particularly in the winter period, providing windscreen replacement and calibration for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) cameras in one visit to any of its centres across the UK 

It also offers winter vehicle checks for its fleet customers.

“It’s far better heading off on a long journey to see family or friends this festive season knowing your vehicle has no obvious defects with the windscreen than being delayed and left frustrated by something that could have been avoided,” said Pete Marsden. “It’ll be a much happier Christmas for all and everyone can enjoy more time together.”

While weather forecasters believe it will be milder towards Christmas, colder and wintery conditions could be just around corner this New Year and motorists are advised to check out National Windscreens Winter Driving Tips.