Code of Practice launched for ADAS recalibration

Accurate calibration on a mass scale is needed now

2nd August 2016: An industrywide ADAS Repair Group, led by Thatcham Research with National Windscreens taking a pivotal role, has introduced a Code of Practice that provides clear guidance on the recalibration of vital car safety technology during the replacement or refit of windscreens.

An increasing number of vehicle manufacturers are using Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to ensure their vehicles meet the highest European safety ratings. 6% of vehicles on the road already have ADAS technology fitted and more than 40% are anticipated to have at least two types of driver assistance systems fitted by 2020. However, if accurate calibration of the windscreen mounted camera, used as an integral part of these safety systems, is not carried out following a windscreen replacement then the ADAS safety features may not work as intended and could prove a danger to drivers and other road users.

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 Martyn Bennett, Regional Director at National Windscreens comments:

 “The issue of ADAS camera calibration is here and now. National Windscreens has undertaken approaching 1,000 calibrations and the numbers are growing rapidly.

“Publication of this Code of Practice is a good start towards ensuring everyone works to the appropriate standard. At the moment it seems there is a lack of awareness in many areas, including aftermarket, fleet and insurers, about the fact that this growing calibration requirement is happening now. National Windscreens is keen to raise awareness of this issue and the need for quality calibration services to ensure ADAS systems work correctly.”

 Tim Camm, Technical Manager at National Windscreens and member of the Thatcham ADAS Repair Group confirms:

“The ADAS Glazing Code of Practice is an excellent method of ensuring camera calibration is undertaken according to manufacturer’s requirements after a windscreen has been replaced. National Windscreens has been undertaking calibration in line with this new Code of Practice for several months but this has only been possible through a £1 million investment in equipment and training. We hope this new Code of Practice will ensure that all windscreen replacement organisations operate to the required standard and hence avoid the major safety concerns associated with driving a vehicle with an ADAS camera that has not been calibrated correctly.

“An ADAS camera is a critical part of the operation of a host of safety systems on a vehicle so if it is wrongly calibrated it can have potentially disastrous results. But our rigorous approach to safety does not stop there. Doing a calibration in line with the new Code of Practice means we also do a check on any reports or warnings from the vehicle safety system and inform the customer so they can be rectified.

“The vast majority of vehicles require calibration in workshop conditions. National Windscreens is unique in the windscreen replacement sector in providing 108 fitting and calibration centres throughout the UK. This means we provide local replacement and calibration with maximum convenience for the customer and an assurance that they can drive away safely after just one visit to their local fitting centre.“

The ‘ADAS Glazing Code of Practice’ can be accessed by clicking here.