ADAS: National Windscreens takes the lead in education

National Windscreens continues to take a leading role in raising awareness among both the fleet and insurance sectors about advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and their impact on costs, safety and the aftermarket.

Pete Marsden, managing director of National Windscreens, recently presented a discussion at Motor Insurance World 2017 on “Insurers and motor manufacturers: How are relationships changing?” where he looked at educating the driver and how insurers can best engage with motor manufacturers and partners to ensure quality of repair and service.

The subject of educating drivers was particularly pertinent in light of a recent Motor Research report conducted by National Windscreens in partnership with Insurance Post where 78% of subscribers surveyed said they did not have ADAS in their cars while 13% were unsure.

These figures were despite the fact that 88% of respondents said their vehicles had airbags, 39% cruise control, 28% GPS navigation, 24% tyre pressure monitoring and 10% automatic braking feature, all of which come under the umbrella of ADAS.

Pete said: “We are working hard with both the insurance and fleet sector to raise awareness of ADAS and these figures are truly shocking, showing the need to further educate the public at large about what safety features are and how calibration is needed to ensure they continue to work as intended.

“Events like this one have enabled me to stress the importance of the aftermarket in ensuring motorists are aware of ADAS and the need for calibration.

“We also take a pivotal role in working directly with manufacturers of new vehicles to ensure calibration needs are understood and can be met as new models appear on forecourts,” he added.

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Pete was also involved in a highly successful live webinar that put ADAS technologies under the spotlight and dissected some of the key issues that now need addressing. 

Ian Kemp, underwriting product director – commercial motor at RSA; David Williams, technical director at axa; and Adam Murray, motor technical manager at Aviva, completed the panel for this debate which included questions from an online audience of more than 100 people and has since been watched on YouTube by more than 230 viewers. 

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