A world leader in ADAS calibration

This third presentation in our series of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) videos explains what you should expect from someone who is undertaking calibration on your vehicle. Previous videos in this series were ‘What is ADAS?’ and ‘What is ADAS calibration?

At National Windscreens we are committed to service of the highest standard – at all times, without compromise. So, when we have to replace a vehicle’s windscreen, we will calibrate the windscreen-mounted camera at the same time. This not only provides maximum convenience for the motorist but also ensures that the vehicle’s safety systems are immediately working as intended following glass replacement.

A fact that we are particularly proud of is that we are in the unique position of being able to offer this level of service nationwide, on a truly local basis. We have established 108 fitting and calibration centres across the country, which means our customers are on average only 11 miles or 20 minutes away from their nearest technician, supported by 800 mobile units. To date we have invested over £2 million in calibration technology and training.

National Windscreens are the true ADAS experts. We are leading the education campaign, working with insurers and manufacturers to assist with spreading knowledge and awareness of ADAS and best practice so that the motorist benefits from the latest advances in safety technology.