National Windscreens selected as windscreen partner for UK-wide service

National Windscreens is delighted to announce a strategic alliance with fleet and insurance solutions provider, Industry Insights. This is a move designed to further develop a service offering which delivers real competitive advantage to UK fleet operators and insurers.

National Windscreens has been confirmed as the sole provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services in the Connected Solutions programme operated by leading Motor Claims consultants, Industry Insights. Connected Solutions is designed as a one-stop shop for fleet companies and insurers. It covers the provision of vehicle glass repair and replacement; bodyshop work, finding the right parts for repairs as well as legal and medical issues. These are all handled through a national network of leading experts in the various fields involved.

Steve Thompson, director at Industry Insights, confirms: “This means insurers only have to deal with one company for all their Motor Supply requirements, the same is true for fleet customers who again will only need to deal with one solution, should their vehicles be involved in an accident or incident that needs repair work carried out."

Commenting on the new relationship, Pete Marsden, managing director of National Windscreens, said: “Creating a strategic alliance with Industry Insights is a significant development for our business. With Steve possessing in-depth knowledge of our industry, having worked from a young age in his father’s family business repairing and replacing vehicle glass, we are proud that he has chosen National Windscreens to provide this service.”

Steve said: “When I set up Industry Insights in 2015, I always knew the most difficult partner to find would be a windscreen one due to my history and experience in the industry and it was critical to me that we made the right decision. I am very pleased that National Windscreens has agreed to be our partner because I firmly believe they are the best in their field with unrivalled coverage across the country and excellent customer service.”

Pete added: “As a company we are fully committed to maintain seamless nationwide coverage through our 108 fitting centres and 800 mobile technicians, a service that means the average UK motorist is, on average, only 11 miles or 20 minutes away from getting their windscreens fixed. We have also invested £1million in ensuring that we are fully prepared for the increase in demand for calibration of windscreen mounted cameras used by Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). 

“If a windscreen needs replacing then it is essential that any vehicle with an ADAS system also has camera calibration work carried out to ensure these devices continue to work as intended. Many manufacturers recommend this work is done in workshop conditions. Offering this service through a network of 108 fitting centres means National Windscreens customers can drive away with a replacement windscreen and calibrated camera after just one visit, maximizing safety and convenience,” he added.