National Windscreens helps bring home the harvest

When a windscreen was damaged on a Hampshire farmer’s potato harvester, a fast response was required to ensure there were no delays in picking this time-sensitive crop.

As a customer of National Windscreens, the farmer was able to call on the company’s specialist windscreen fitting expertise, tapping into the extensive UK network of 800 mobile technicians.

The Grimme Tectron 415 potato harvester’s windscreen was damaged after being struck by a stone picked up and flicked from a conveyor belt that separates rubbish and rocks from the crop it picks. This resulted in extensive damage to the windscreen, making it difficult for the operator to continue driving.

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“The harvester had to be taken out of service due to the damage caused to the windscreen. We wanted to ensure the customer was able to get the vehicle operational as soon as possible,” said Alan Mealing, regional operations manager at National Windscreens.

“Having sourced the specialised windscreen, a team of our mobile fitting technicians set about replacing the glazing. It was quite a complex task due to the type of vehicle and windscreen involved, but despite this the work was completed promptly and the vehicle could be put back to work without undue delay.

"We are aware that our role in helping to avoid delays in production is vital for any business, particularly within the agricultural sector where the weather and other factors can make all the difference.”

National Windscreens has a network of 108 fitting and calibration centres and 800 mobile technicians in the UK and its extensive European network, delivered through Automotive Glass Europe® which has over 7,000 specialist professionals operating from 1,500 fitting centres.

Its UK network means on average a customer is never more than 11 miles or 20 minutes away from one of its technicians.