Going Underground with National Windscreen Specialist Glazing

Thankfully, this doesn’t mean a dodgy cover version of the Jam single! In this case, it means our team travelling 2km below sea level into an otherworldly environment. Their task being to replace shuttle bus windscreens in a vast mine in the north of England, run by ICL UK.

The mine in question, the second deepest in Europe, is located just south-east of the village of Boulby on a 490-acre site on the north-east coast of the North York Moors. The ores mined there include polyhalite, potash and salt. The tunnels and roadways stretch far out deep below the North Sea. It takes workers around seven minutes of travelling down in a caged lift to reach the floor of the mine, where the temperature reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius.

 Going Underground at ICL Boulby with National Windscreen Specialist Glazing

Richard Holland, who works for the specialist glazing division (SGD) at National Windscreens, commented:

“I have been going down the mine to fit windscreens for 25 years, and it is my job to fit the screens to the transit buses that ferry the miners around. The protocols that we follow are strict, and rightfully so, and we have built a fantastic relationship with the team at Boulby. It is fascinating down there, and I consider it a privilege to go down and be transported into what feels like an alien world!

“Customers like ICL UK make working in the SGD very interesting. ICL UK is a great example of the lengths that National Windscreens will go to for our customers. The team thrive when working in extreme conditions; the greater the challenge, the more we enjoy the job!” adds Richard.

Grahame Wallace, Head of Engineering and Processing at ICL Boulby, commented: “Our underground transport fleet plays an absolutely vital role in ensuring that we are able to operate safely and efficiently in the harsh conditions of the mine.”

“We depend on National Windscreens to provide a prompt and reliable service in responding to our needs and returning our vehicles back to service as quickly as possible.”

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