Fleet News Special Report tackles fleet understanding of ADAS

As primary supplier to over 30 car fleets in the FN50, National Windscreens has made ADAS education for fleet managers a top priority for the past two years. The latest highlight in this educational campaign is the imminent publication of a ‘Fleet News Special Supplement’.

This special report is titled ‘ADAS systems grow in importance. Now many new drivers rely on windscreen mounted cameras’. It explores the current market situation and the large growth in use of ADAS technology now taking place. It also looks at the implications for fleets in relation to calibration of the windscreen mounted cameras associated with ADAS.

"It isn't simply each time a windscreen is replaced that calibration is required – anything that may affect the directional view of the camera down the road will mean that it need calibrating." Alistair Carlton, technical manager National Windscreens

National Windscreens has commissioned research programmes over the past two years to measure awareness of ADAS and the growing need for calibration. Our research identified a need for an immediate and comprehensive education programme to raise awareness of ADAS and when calibration is required. Up to 18 months ago, it was clear that many fleet managers had very little awareness that ADAS may not work as intended if the windscreen mounted camera, on which some of these systems rely, was not calibrated following a windscreen replacement.

Over the past two years, National Windscreens has undertaken a major education campaign, being focused for many months on discussion of ADAS camera calibration requirements with fleet managers. We are now moving this education programme into the heart of organisations with presentations to customer service teams within fleet management companies and presentations to industry gatherings such as those held by the BVRLA.

With 75% of manufacturers requiring calibration in workshop conditions, no other company in this sector is in a position to provide the level of ADAS calibration service offered by National Windscreens. With 108 fitting and calibration centres and £2 million invested in ADAS calibration technology, National Windscreens offers a one stop service for windscreen replacement and calibration throughout the UK. This complete solution includes providing fleet managers with one price for calibration, regardless of model, make or location in the UK.

Stay up to date with ADAS developments at www.nationalwindscreens.co.uk/adas. If you would like a copy of the Fleet News report, please email James Cook, business development manager, fleet.