Webinar to address impact of ADAS on insurers

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Registration is now open to attend a free webinar co-hosted by National Windscreens on Thursday 27th May investigating the impact of advancing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology on the motor insurance trade.

ADAS have featured on new vehicles for over a decade and as these features can contribute to the vehicle occupant’s safety, they are becoming more standardised and EU legislation retained by the UK government indicates that systems such as lane departure warnings, autonomous emergency braking and speed limiters will be mandatory by 2022.

A lot of ADAS technology is built into the windscreen of a vehicle and requires calibration when a windscreen is replaced. A recent survey by Insurance Post, in association with National Windscreens, found that many insurers found it difficult to get definitive data on which vehicles are fitted with ADAS for underwriting purposes.

National Windscreens and Insurance Post are holding a live webinar which investigates the potential impact of ADAS on the automotive insurance industry going forward as the technology becomes more common, intelligent and standardised across manufacturer ranges.

Free registration is available here: https://webinars.on24.com/infopro/ADAS?partnerref=nationalwindscreens