The next generation of online glass damage reporting

A new online system for reporting the exact glass damage on a vehicle has been launched by National Windscreens as part of a digital development program that is delivering an intuitive, world class customer experience.

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The new glass damage selector uses the vehicle registration mark (VRM) to display a detailed image of the vehicle, including all pieces of glass applicable to that model. One touch or click allows the user to view the vehicle from above or the sides, and they can then simply select any piece or pieces of glass that are damaged.

This provides a highly intuitive and greatly enhanced customer experience compared to the much more basic systems previously available. It also identifies the damaged glass position with greatly improved accuracy.

National Windscreens IT director, David Pugh, explains: “As an example, some vehicles may only have one piece of glass in the rear side panel of the vehicle. However, many have two or three pieces, so it can soon get complicated trying to identify if it is the back rear quarterlight, middle rear quarterlight, or front rear quarterlight that is damaged. And then we must discover if it is nearside or offside, of left or right looking from the front of the vehicle. Without a simple, easy to use selector, it is easy to see how the information collected might not be accurate in each case.

“It has been a significant investment to produce what we believe is a unique database of vehicle diagrams combined with a myriad of glass patterns. We will now continue to invest in adding new models as they get introduced to the UK, ensuring our customers have the best possible experience and we are able to deliver right first time,” added David.

This new development follows the recent introduction of another market leading digital innovation by National Windscreens, a drag and drop damage selector that dramatically cuts the amount of time required for a driver to indicate the size and position of damage on a windscreen. Drivers are provided with a faster, more streamlined experience and National Windscreens collect damage assessment information that is far more detailed and accurate than the previous industry standard methods.

“Our omnichannel digital platform already provides considerable flexibility and choice but we continue to accelerate our digital development programme. The next enhancement is our artificial intelligence system, due for launch by the end of 2021, that will analyse photographs of damaged glass uploaded by our customers and give an immediate decision if repair is possible, with 98% accuracy. So, watch this space!” concludes Dave.