National Windscreens secures annual servicing contract with Addison Lee Group

National Windscreens was recently awarded the contract for windscreen repair, replacement and ADAS calibration on the 5,000-vehicle fleet run by global premium ground transportation business, Addison Lee Group.

Alt text not availableAddison Lee Group offer premium travel for business and personal needs. While they most prominently operate in and around London, they have expanded their service in the UK and globally and now operate in 350 cities around the world.

The year-long contract, which covers Addison Lee Group’s UK operations will see National Windscreens provide repair, replacement and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration on vehicles fitted with the technology.

Simon Barron, National Windscreens Regional Sales and Marketing Manager said:

“With our national coverage of 108 purposed-designed workshops and 800 mobile technicians, we are always in close proximity to the fleet, ensuring they can get back on the road quickly should they need windscreen repair or replacement.”

“Our expertise in ADAS calibration will also ensure that any vehicle fitted with such technology can be taken to one of our nationwide workshops to have the replacement and calibration work undertaken in one go, thus ensuring the vehicle is only off the road for a minimal period.”

National Windscreens nationwide network means on average a customer is never more than 11 miles or 20 minutes away from one of their technicians.

Justin Patterson, Head of Fleet Operations at Addison Lee Group said National Windscreens was awarded the contract because of its expertise and national coverage.

“Our 5,000 vehicle strong fleet are responsible for getting over 10 million people where they need to go each year in London alone, so we need to ensure our vehicles are off the road for as minimal a period as possible.

“National Windscreens provide nationwide coverage with the ability to reach any of our vehicles quickly for any windscreen repairs or replacements, which is essential for our logistics and operations team and ultimately, ensures minimal downtime and impact to our valued customer base.”