National Windscreens retains sole supplier contract with Hoyer

National Windscreens has signed a further three-year sole supplier contract with Hoyer Petrolog UK, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of transport and logistics to the petroleum industry.

The UK’s largest independently owned windscreen repair and replacement specialist will provide Hoyer’s fleet of Petroleum and Bitumen tankers with autoglazing services throughout the UK and Europe.

Simon Barron, regional sales & operations manager at National Windscreens, says: “lt is always satisfying when a customer renews a contract with us as it shows that our service really is delivering for them. This is certainly the case with Hoyer Petrolog UK who state that our industry leading time to serve was a crucial factor in their decision to renew the contract.

“We aim to complete over 90% of glass replacement jobs within 48 hours, a vital service for fleet operations where any time that vehicles spend off the road can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

“The fact we have a UK-wide network of 108 fitting centres means that, on average, a motorist is never more than 20 minutes or 11 miles away from a technician, so this enables us to offer efficient repair and replacement services at convenient locations for fleet operators.

“Dedicated 24/7 call centre phone numbers backed by national and local account management help provide our fleet customers with a service customized to their needs. Contracts with 95 of the UK's top 100 HGV fleets clearly demonstrate the success of our approach,” he added.

Peter Ellison, Head of Fleet Services, SHEQ & Compliance at Hoyer Petrolog UK Ltd, said: “Whenever a vehicle is off the road, essential deliveries of fuel are not taking place at petrol stations; this in turn impacts on motorists if supplies to petrol stations are delayed. Hoyer Petrolog vehicles operating in the UK will drive in excess of 80 million kilometres, deliver over 16 billion litres of fuel and over 500,000 tonnes of Bitumen.

“Given the nature of the products we transport, we cannot be complacent in any way. National Windscreens, as our preferred windscreen service provider in the UK, are a vital part in us achieving our objectives. Timely responses from the network of National Windscreen fitting centres was one of the key reasons why we were happy to renew our arrangements for a further three-year term.”