National Windscreens offers 30-minute drive away time thanks to Dow Automotive technology

National Windscreens is delighted to announce it will be using BETASEAL™ 1580 glass bonding adhesive from Dow Automotive Systems at all of its 108 ADAS centres – ensuring motorists can drive away after only 30 minutes with both their windscreen replaced and calibration work completed to required safety standards.

Pete Marsden, managing director for National Windscreens, explains: “Safety is of paramount importance when replacing a windscreen.  BETASEAL™ 1580 adhesive, when used correctly, allows a car body to be at least as strong after glass replacement as it was on the day it left the factory. In today’s vehicles, as much as 40 per cent of the structural integrity is derived from the glass so it is vital that the best possible adhesive is used when installing replacements.

“The fact this adhesive has been approved by Thatcham Research, the motor insurers’ automotive research centre also informed our decision to use this adhesive at our UK-wide network of fitting centres, supporting our commitment to always put motorists’ safety first.

“Today we find more and more vehicles are being fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which often work through cameras mounted on windscreens. When automotive glass needs replacing, calibration is essential to ensure these safety features, such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane departure warning (LDW), continue to work as intended.

“ADAS cameras need exact positioning to avoid the major safety concerns associated with driving a vehicle which has not been properly calibrated so the fact this adhesive has sufficient strength after 30 minutes means our technicians can complete this essential work quickly and with the utmost accuracy.

“The vast majority of vehicles require calibration in workshop conditions. National Windscreens is unique in the windscreen replacement sector in providing 108 fitting and calibration centres throughout the UK. This means we provide local replacement and calibration with maximum convenience for the customer and an assurance that they can drive away safely after just one visit to their local fitting centre and in just 30 minutes after the windscreen has been installed.” he added.

Orhan Imam, global marketing manager, glass replacement and body repair at Dow said: “We are delighted that National Windscreens has chosen to use BETASEAL™ 1580 at all of its fitting centres. This product provides customers with the peace of mind that windscreen sealants will be as safe after glass replacement as it was when the vehicle was first purchased.”

Matthew Wright, Head of Commercial Services at Thatcham Research, added: “All the products listed under the Thatcham Research product certification scheme have undergone a rigorous and robust testing process to ensure they meet the high standards set by our experts and that they can be relied upon by the automotive repair industry as a quality alternative.” 

Pictured is a National Windscreens technician using Dow BETASEAL™.