National Windscreens delivers impromptu lesson to students

National Windscreens 800 mobile fitting technicians are used to working in a range of environments, dealing with all sorts of customers, but it’s not everyday they are asked to deliver a spontaneous tutorial to a whole class of automotive students.

After suffering damage to his car windscreen, Pete Jackson, Learning and Skills lead within the automotive department at Lincoln College, took the opportunity to showcase a real life repair. The tutor in this case was an experienced technician from the National Windscreens fitting centre in Lincoln.

“It must have been quite a pressure for Dave from National Windscreens to fit a windscreen with such a large audience watching his every move, but he did a brilliant job; not just with the windscreen, but demonstrating clearly to the students too,” said Pete.

“The class don’t get to see the practical side of automotive care very often, so it was a brilliant opportunity. We’re very grateful to National Windscreens for delivering the session, as although our students are frequently working on practical projects, the demonstration gave a valuable connection to the real world.

“Feedback from the students was very complimentary, including comments about tricks of the trade, the importance of customer communication and potential career possibilities.”

Dave Fogg, automotive glazing technician at National Windscreens said: “The response from the students at Lincoln College was so encouraging. They were genuinely interested in the repair process and it gave a great sense of achievement to be able to show them how the work is done.

“One student even called National Windscreens fitting centre in Lincoln after the tutorial to discuss any future career opportunities when he qualifies.”

National Windscreens offers a great working environment, along with ongoing training and career progression.