Lifting gear revolutionises LCV windscreen replacement

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Lifting equipment described as “game changing” by National Windscreens’ technical and training manager Sam Clements is now being rolled out across the company’s UK fitting centres.

This national implementation follows an extensive testing and evaluation programme of the Panther Pro lifting gear over the past two years. 20 workshops have already implemented this technology, which enables safe, one-person work on taller vehicles, as part of a national roll out programme.

Sam Clements, assistant manager of the technical and training department at National Windscreens said: “The Panther Pro kit mitigates the risk of injury to the technician by eliminating the need for weight-bearing; all the technician now needs to do is guide the glass into place, rather than supporting its weight.

Alt text not availableAaron Knight, technician in Newcastle, operating the equipment

“It has revolutionised the way we are able to work on light commercial vehicles, vans and vehicles with panoramic windscreens. With roof glass, the new equipment has reduced what was previously up to a four-man lifting job down to a one-man operation.”

“A key benefit of this equipment is the ability to service light commercial vehicles; those predominantly used by key workers such as the emergency services, delivery drivers and couriers, without the additional manpower.  This not only assist productivity but also supports us in maintaining safe working and distancing.”