Guiding European best practice for ADAS calibration

National Windscreens has taken a leading role in a new European wide initiative to create ever higher standards for calibration of windscreen-mounted cameras used in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Martyn Bennett, regional sales and marketing director at National Windscreens, was a keynote speaker at the Automotive Glass Europe® ADAS best practice conference held at the German headquarters of vehicle diagnostics specialist, Hella Guttman. Martyn joined representatives from all 18 member countries included in the Automotive Glass Europe® network of automotive glass replacement and repair companies. National Windscreens is the UK partner of Automotive Glass Europe® and a founder member of the network.

ADAS technology continues to grow rapidly and this conference was used to highlight a best practice standard for ADAS camera calibration that is already being implemented across Europe.

ADAS systems are numerous and wide-ranging. From Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) to adaptive cruise control, blind spot elimination, lane keep assist and many more. Most of these features rely on a windscreen-mounted camera in order to operate.  When a windscreen is replaced it is essential that the camera is calibrated in order to ensure the vehicle safety systems continue to work as intended.

Martyn Bennett comments: “National Windscreens has taken a market leading role in the provision of a one-stop service for ADAS calibration in all of our 108 UK centres. As part of the Automotive Glass Europe® network, we operate  a seamless European service for our customers and we are delighted to be taking a leading role in sharing best practice in ADAS calibration throughout this network.”