Don’t get stuck in the great summer getaway, warns National Windscreens

With millions of trips on UK roads and motorways expected over the coming weeks as part of the great summer getaway, there are many hazards to prepare for to prevent the journey turning into a nightmare.

The recent hot weather has already seen many people taking weekend trips to the countryside and coast, and with the school holidays underway even more journeys will be made. In fact, it’s been reported that on several Fridays in the peak summer weeks, up to 3.8 million trips will be made.

National Windscreens is urging motorists to undertake some straightforward checks on their vehicles before heading off to avoid any problems on the way.

“We often see a rise in call-outs to our mobile technicians at peak periods like this, with motorists often away from home on their way to a holiday destination,” said Pete Marsden, managing director of National Windscreens.

“The hot weather and bright sunshine can cause no end of problems. It’s times like this when a small chip or crack in the windscreen can exacerbate sun glare, causing distortion to the driver’s view or it can even lead to a significant crack requiring immediate replacement of the windscreen.”

He added: “It’s far easier to check for problems before a journey than finding yourself stuck halfway to your holiday destination.”

National Windscreens advises drivers to check their windscreens well ahead of setting off. It’s cheaper to repair a chip than to replace a windscreen, with some insurance covering such repairs for free, depending on your cover.

“The hot weather we’ve been experiencing can cause a small chip to turn into a large crack and this can happen as the vehicle is being driven,” said Pete.

“This issue is further compounded if your vehicle has Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on board. If your windscreen is damaged or needs replacing, the ADAS camera will have to be calibrated.”

National Windscreens has the largest UK fitting centre and ADAS calibration network in its field, operating 108 centres and employing over 800 mobile technicians.

The independently owned company provides service coverage to the whole of the UK and its capacity ensures it also offers seamless European coverage – National Windscreens is a founding member of the Automotive Glass Europe® network which offers vehicle glazing services throughout Europe.

On average, a motorist will never be more than 20 minutes or 11 miles away from a technician, wherever you are travelling in the UK this summer.