Continuous investment in training at National Windscreens brings increased customer satisfaction

The evolution of training at National Windscreens has brought significant results according to NPS and Trustpilot customer reviews. The training team deliver intensive programmes to build a practical knowledge base before supporting the technicians with their personal development utilising bespoke software throughout their career. As well as investing directly in its employees, National Windscreens opened a brand-new training and research centre in Leicester this month which will act as the central hub for the development of windscreen technicians and staff across the UK.

National Windscreens frequently reviews its training processes and constantly invests in new initiatives and pathways to help the progress of the wider team. The new approach to training at National Windscreens includes a clear delineation between Technical Training and Learning & Development.

Lee Powell manages the Technical Training team. He ensures that the team are focused on increasing the competencies of the individual by delivering the highest standard of training regarding the latest technology in electric vehicles (EV) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Charlotte Wright oversees the Learning and Development (L&D) function which focuses on transferable skills and competences to excel in the automotive glazing industry.

the opening of the research and training facility at Leicester

Charlotte Wright, Learning and Development Manager, said: “This is an exciting time for development at National Windscreens with the opening of the research and training facility at Leicester. Bringing the experienced technical trainers up to speed with the latest L&D trends and insights has enabled us to share our best practices and ideas that will accelerate the effectiveness of the training methods and ultimately increase engagement.

“We have deployed a digital learning solution that enables individuals to receive a blended approach to their training. This will give our team a further focus to develop individuals understanding and learning transfer. This collective approach will be a key step in enabling everyone to increase their skills, knowledge and productivity which will continue to drive standards in the company,” comments Charlotte.

Mike Rotin, board director, said: “As a company, we are investing in every part of the business to deliver an unparalleled level of customer service in the sector. We are intent on remaining at the forefront of technical development by offering customers the choice in how they communicate with us, either traditionally, or via our market-leading digital process. We understand that producing a pipeline of skilled technicians is essential for us to continue to bring positive results for the customer. 

“The 10-week training process at National Windscreens is designed to ensure that the technicians receive an in-depth knowledge base to help deliver the highest level of service throughout their career. The feedback that we receive from policyholders and insurers is invaluable for improving as a service. The results on both Trustpilot and the scores on our NPS reviews are testament to the hard work of everyone here at National Windscreens,” concludes Mike.