Celebrating International Women's Day at National Windscreens

Happy International Women's Day! Today, we are celebrating the fantastic women who work for National Windscreens across the UK. From our technicians and managers to our customer service representatives; these women are integral to our success and play a crucial role in getting drivers back on the road safely.

In this article, some of the women who help to keep the business moving, expand on their time at National Windscreens.

Lauren Martin, manager of St Austell and Taunton fitting centres:

Lauren Martin on International Women's Day

“National Windscreens is a fantastic company to work for and has helped me to develop as a leader. I am truly honoured to be selected to speak about my role on a day for empowering females across the world.

"My journey within the industry started aged 16, as a customer service advisor. Since arriving at National Windscreens 8 years ago, I have aspired to enhance my career and was promoted to branch manager at 23. I am one of the youngest managers at the business and have always been driven to succeed and prosper. My strongest asset to the company is that I am extremely driven, customer-focused and efficient.

“Creating a happy and content work force is an important part of leadership. I am truly a big believer of T.E.A.M - Together Everyone Achieves More. Thanks to our team spirit, the performance of St Austell and Taunton centres has exceeded records and expectations and I am excited to see what the future holds,” said Lauren.

Steve Perring, regional manager for the Southwest, said: “Lauren’s has a loyal and hard-working team, and they respond well to her high energy and exceptional management skills.

“She has established herself as an important and reliable member of National Windscreens.”


Katy Deyes, finance, and admin manager at National Windscreens:

Katy Deyes on International Women's Day

"I have worked here for nearly 30 years, so the business must be doing something right! My job involves managing and looking after a team of four people and processing all invoices from the membership for our insurance and fleet customers.

"We liaise with our customers and members daily to resolve invoice queries. The team works closely and are always trying to improve processes to make the transition from work completed at branch level to the invoicing & payment level as smooth as possible.

"I visit all National Windscreens offices across the UK, assisting with training and personal development. My expertise lies in developing individuals on the processes and requirements of the invoicing to our Insurers or fleet customers.

"I am proud of the developments at National Windscreens over three decades that I have worked here. I would recommend the company to anyone looking for an employer that values diversity," said Katy.


Lucy Dickinson, customer relations manager at National Windscreens:

Lucy Dickinson on International Women's Day

"I have worked for National Windscreens for 15 years, starting out as a commercial and service assistant. The people at National Windscreens make the difference. Over my time with the business, I have met some fantastic colleagues and we pride ourselves on working hard together.

"There are seven of us in the customer relations team in Tamworth. We work closely with our strategic partners in insurance and fleet customers to make sure that we manage their service issues and complaints according to our contractual obligations.

"We work in partnership with other customer relations teams across the business within the membership, as well as technical colleagues and other departments to continually improve our service.

"The needs of our customers and strategic partners are constantly evolving, meaning that no day is the same. Every day brings with it new challenges, which we fully embrace!" 


Marie Hunter, commercial support at National Windscreens:

Marie Hunter on International Women's Day

"I have been with the business for nearly 25 years and help to support all system users, particularly those using our web applications. I started out as branch admin support in Leicester, and from there I was asked to help open the Leicester call centre, and then managed it for several years.

"I managed the admin team processing jobs to invoices and maintained the customer contact database. During this time, the business was writing a bespoke web application and I was given the task of ensuring that it suited the needs of the business, which became my full-time job.

"This led to me travelling across the country, showing the system to the National Windscreens offices and providing them with training. I’ve also helped with the integration of other businesses within the company and am currently working on the biggest of these to date.

"I have been lucky enough to have been given so many opportunities at National Windscreens and I grabbed them all!"

The dedication of women at National Windscreens such as Lauren, Lucy, Katy and Marie is inspiring for the rest of the team. The four featured women have been with the business a for a total of 78 years!  Thank you to all of the women who contribute to the success of the National Windscreens team. We are proud to have so many brilliant women in the business.

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