National Windscreens offers truly global reach with Automotive Glass Experts

National Windscreens is a founding member of Automotive Glass Experts, an organisation that is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month by rebranding from Automotive Glass Europe to represent the worldwide reach of the network. Keeping the same logo, colours, mission, and values, that reflect the group’s growth and evolution, AGE takes on a new journey to respond to tomorrow’s challenges and customers’ needs.

The new identity will help AGE to drive its capabilities further with members in Canada, Africa, and Asia in addition to those across Europe. It represents a close alliance between national automotive glass replacement and repair companies from across the world by embracing its global expansion strategy.


Automotive Glass Experts are true specialists in the repair and replacement services of automotive glass, while offering a variety of complimentary services, such as wiper replacement, and film application. AGE professionals complete deep training to understand the various types of automotive glass and the right methods needed to install and repair them.

Working as one, AGE members continue to refine their capabilities to provide a variety of high-quality automotive glass services, aligned with their customer journey focused on sustainability and digitalisation.

“We are excited to unveil our new brand identity, which represents the next chapter in our group’s history,” said Marco Moreno, Executive Chairman and CEO of AGE. “This rebrand reflects our legacy, to bring excellence to the global market and to continue to offer sustainable choices and standards to the automotive glass industry. We believe that this change will better position AGE for future growth and success”.

The change in name represents a new global chapter in our network and will further the ability of the business to provide a seamless customer journey, high standards of service and a sustainable offering to the automotive glass industry.