Artificial intelligence revolutionises online customer experience

A new online artificial intelligence system that provides an instant decision on whether a windscreen can be repaired, has been launched on the National Windscreens website. This innovation is a UK first for National Windscreens and is having a big impact on the customer experience say the company.

Drivers simply upload a photo to the website and the system advises within a few seconds on whether replacement or repair can be undertaken.  This does away with the traditional approach of asking lots of questions about the size and type of damage and provides a more accurate assessment at the time of booking of what work is required.

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Upload a photo for an instant decision if glass damage can be repaired

National Windscreens IT director, David Pugh, explains:

“Our artificial intelligence (AI) system has been tested extensively over the past 12 months with tens of thousand of images being uploaded. Our tests show that the AI decisions on whether repair or replacement is required are accurate in over 98% of cases, providing the image uploaded is in line with the simple guidelines we provide.”

This new development complements the introduction last year of another market leading digital innovation by National Windscreens, a drag and drop damage selector that dramatically cut the amount of time required for a driver to indicate the size and position of damage on a windscreen.

David Pugh confirms: “The new AI online tool takes the customer experience to a new level. Using a photograph to accurately identify if replacement is required means the online booking journey goes straight to choosing the date and location of where the customer wants the work to be carried out, with no further information required. Drivers are provided with a faster, more streamlined experience and National Windscreens collect damage assessment information that is far more detailed and accurate than the previous industry standard methods of asking lots of questions.

“It has been a significant investment and means we are the first in this UK sector to use AI technology in this way to improve the customer experience. Our omnichannel digital platform already provides considerable flexibility and choice but we continue to accelerate our digital development programme.” concludes Dave.