ADAS white paper becomes an essential read for fleet managers

A white paper on the growth of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in vehicles and the importance of accurate calibration is proving to be essential reading for fleet managers and decision-makers within the fleet sector.

The white paper “ADAS Systems Grow in Importance” was published in November by Fleet News, in association with National Windscreens, as a special supplement supplied within the magazine dedicated to the UK fleet vehicle market. The white paper and supporting educational campaign have combined been seen by an estimated 172,000 people within the sector and can be downloaded from the publication’s website by clicking here.

The white paper highlights the growth in ADAS technology and not only its advantages in potentially reducing at fault accidents and injury to people on the roads, but why its accurate calibration is critical to vehicle safety systems continuing to work as intended.

After investing more than £2 million in ADAS technology at its 108 fitting and calibration centres in the UK, National Windscreens has become a world leader in calibration of ADAS cameras. As part of this market-leading role, the company undertook research to measure awareness of ADAS and the growing need for calibration.

“ADAS technology is set to grow rapidly with at least 40% of all vehicles in the UK predicted to have it fitted by 2020. While the fleet sector is aware of ADAS, we recognised there was a need to highlight why calibration after the refitting of a windscreen was vital to its operation,” said Alistair Carlton, technical manager at National Windscreens.

“The findings of the research we commissioned over the past two years confirmed this low level of awareness and the need for an immediate and comprehensive education programme.

“The publication of the white paper on ADAS came after we began a major education programme, undertaking presentations and awareness sessions with fleet managers, customer services teams and key stakeholders within fleet management companies, supported by our attendance at various industry events.”

He added: “It sets out the current situation and future trends. More importantly it highlights how, as more and more vehicles within the mainstream fleet have the technology installed, there is a greater need to have this calibrated correctly and professionally when windscreens are replaced.”

“For example, it was not widely realised that 75 per cent of vehicle manufacturers require calibration in workshop conditions. We are the only company able to provide such nationwide coverage with 108 fitting and calibration centres offering a one-stop service for replacement and calibration,” said Alistair

National Windscreens boasted the first technicians in the country to achieve recognised ADAS qualifications from awarding organisation, GQA Qualifications. The white paper highlights how National Windscreens £2 million investment in ADAS calibration technology – including dedicated technician training - ensures the system works correctly. It sets out how it is not a ‘fit and forget’ technology and that there is an essential maintenance requirement, such as after an accident or when a windscreen is replaced.

The camera used in ADAS has to be not only positioned correctly, but calibrated so that it can accurately read the road ahead and activate systems such as autonomous emergency breaking (AEB).

“We would advise anyone working in the fleet sector to download the white paper. It not only explains the importance of ADAS calibration, but examines the technology and its growth,” added Mr Carlton.

“ADAS technology is becoming part of mainstream fleets. It is not just about premium marques. It is pretty much available as an option on most car manufacturers models and will soon be fitted as standard to many. Therefore, as the market grows, so will the necessity to calibrate vehicles that require windscreen replacement or have been involved in an accident. And that is where our investment in ADAS calibration is vitally important for the fleet sector.”

To receive a copy of the white paper – ‘ADAS Systems Grow in Importance – please email our Fleet Business Development Manager, James Cook