National Windscreens to take part in Autoraise Rally

National Windscreens is delighted to support the activities of Autoraisethe vehicle repair industry’s charity. Autoraise is committed to reversing the skills shortage by presenting the vehicle repair industry to young people as a genuine alternative to other employment opportunities, further education or university.

As the UK’s largest independent vehicle glass repair & replacement specialist, we are committed to attracting new talent to vehicle repair industry. We are proud of our record of hiring young people, assigning mentors, investing in their training, and providing the platform to help them become knowledgeable and experienced fitting technicians. 

The Autoraise Rally is being held for the first time in two years in September, starting in Stratford before driving across Wales over the course of two days, staying in Aberystwyth and Cardiff. The National Windscreens rally team consists of David Pugh, director of IT and Simon Hunt, head of sales and marketing. Both are lifelong automotive enthusiasts who will be driving Davids’ cherished E-type Jaguar, famous – for those of you old enough to remember - for being featured in the Autoglymadverts of the 1970’s. 

If you would like to support our fundraising efforts, please visit our donations page.

 The Jaguar E-Type that featured in the Autoglym adverts in the 1970's.Alt text not available