National Windscreens issues top driving tips to keep motorists safe this summer

Believe it or not, the summer weather can be responsible for a number of hazards that can potentially lead to increased costs for motorists – with rising temperatures affecting both the interior and exterior of vehicles. 

In an effort to help motorists reduce unnecessary repairs and replacements this summer, National Windscreens has created a handy set of tips offering drivers a quick reminder on summer driving ‘dos and don'ts’.

National Windscreens recommends the following top tips for protecting your vehicle and its windscreen this summer:


  • Start any long journey without basic vehicle checks and supplies such as water - particularly if you’re travelling during a heatwave.
  • Leave your vehicle unattended while relying on the air conditioning system to cool it down.
  • Ignore any small windscreen chips – the warmer weather causes the glass to expand and it is likely to result in a larger crack. 
  • Drive when tired – the warmer weather can always make us feel that bit drowsier, so make sure you feel awake and alert before you get behind the wheel.


  • Ensure that the wiper blades are in good condition and clean to prevent any scratches to the glass. This is particularly important when clearing away any dirt or dust from summertime roadworks. 
  • Check vehicle glass for stone chips and arrange any necessary repair as a rise in temperature can quickly turn a small chip into large crack. 
  • Check for stone chip damage which can threaten an MOT test if it is in the line of sight zone.
  • Have quality sunglasses ready to cope with the sun’s glare – particularly at dawn and dusk.
  • Check the oil and coolant levels regularly to avoid the car or vehicle from overheating. 
  • Check your tyres on a regular basis during the summer months, particularly during a heatwave. The hot weather can cause the air inside them to expand, which in well-worn wheels could result in a blow-out.

Pete Marsden, managing director of National Windscreens, says: “To help prevent windscreen breakages during the summer season, National Windscreens always recommends that motorists regularly check for small chips or damage to the glass as it is far cheaper to repair a chip than it is to replace a windscreen. In fact, a repair can often be done for free, depending on your insurance cover.”

If you have any doubts National Windscreens offers a free windscreen check service designed to highlight potential MOT failure. Just call in to any of the 108 fitting centres across the UK.

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