Free windscreen recycling highlighted during National Recycling Week

This week’s National Recycling Week (16th – 22nd June 2014) offers an excellent opportunity to highlight the vast array of materials that are recycled by National Windscreens throughout the UK, as well as reminding customers that our fitting centres and mobile technicians provide FREE auto glazing recycling.

As a responsible organisation, National Windscreens ensures all renewable materials, including vehicle glass, polythene, cardboard, paper, wood and metal are effectively recycled wherever possible.

National Windscreens’ Regional Compliance Manager, Denis Reed, comments, “National Recycling Week provides us with an excellent opportunity to remind customers about our continued commitment to the recycling of all vehicle glass and other renewable materials used at our fitting centres. Unlike some automotive glazing Companies, National Windscreens includes windscreen recycling as part of its standard service at no extra cost.”

The majority of National Windscreens’ 108 fitting centres use glass recycling specialist Berrymans’ collection service to recycle all glazing removed from vehicles during replacement jobs – even heated windscreens, laminated and tinted glass.

Berrymans treats all of the glass it collects to produce cullet that is supplied to a variety of markets in the UK and mainland Europe, and may even end up being re-used in automotive glazing!

Steps are also taken to ensure the carbon footprint generated in the collection process is kept to a minimum, as Denis explains: “In the South West we make the best use of our skips to reduce the number of collections required - all waste is segregated at branch level and transferred to our regional Head Office where we use a baler to compress packaging materials.”

National Recycling Week is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about the importance of recycling for the benefit of both UK citizens and the environment. Please visit for more information or find out more by going to



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