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National Windscreens reunites dog with owner

5 August 2016

National Windscreens is often seen as the fourth emergency service by helping drivers get back on the road quickly but it isn’t every day the company reunites a lost dog with its owner. 

This is exactly what happened when staff at the Scunthorpe fitting centre saw a dog running around in the car park and decided to take her in until the owner could be traced.

A call was made to the telephone number on the dog’s collar but there was no answer so a National Windscreens technician decided to take a drive around the nearby area to see if anyone was looking for a lost dog. 

That’s when he came across a very relieved Kaye Bowers who told him that her dog Keira had found a gap in a fence during their walk and run away. Kaye had been frantically searching for her ever since.

Kaye said: “I am extremely grateful that the staff at Scunthorpe National Windscreens took in my dog, kept her safe and gave her water. They are my heroes and I believe they deserve recognition for their kind act.”

Kaye is pictured back safely at home with her dog Keira.