4 x 4s first for charity

Paul Skinner, Distribution Manager, National Windscreens Bristol joined a group of adventurers in five 4 x 4 Land Rovers for the first Pyrenees Challenge expedition in 2014 over the Smugglers Pass in Andorra. They have collected over £2,300 for The Everyman Charity, which is raising money and awareness into prostate and testicular cancers. Almost 43,000 men are diagnosed with a form of male-specific cancer each year in the UK.

Paul and the team reached the base camp in Southern France after two days of travelling. With three metres of snow reported, it was necessary to scout one of the many Smugglers passes, but some routes had to be aborted. Getting two tonne Land Rovers through these harsh conditions was a huge challenge, with hours or driving, digging and winching the vehicles out of danger by these intrepid explorers.

Some five days later they hit the summit of the Smugglers pass at over 2,400 meters and were the first vehicles there this year. After a celebratory snowball fight, they headed back down, following their tracks and they all got through safely.

Paul’s Land Rover was the very vehicle that was instrumental in getting the National Windscreens contact centre staff to work during the severe winter weather that helped to provide a seamless service to all the customers in keeping them on the road.

He said “This expedition was character building and wonderful working with a great team of like minded people, who enjoyed this amazing challenge, whilst raising money for such a worthy charity with the backing of so many colleagues and friends at National Windscreens who sponsored me." 





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