National Windscreens offers a FREE windscreen inspection service specifically designed to highlight potential MOT failure.

The MOT specifies a windscreen area within the drivers' immediate line of sight, known as 'Zone A', where any crack or damage must be contained within a 10mm diameter. It also states that any combination of minor damage that seriously restricts the drivers' view will fail the MOT.

In addition to this area of the windscreen, MOT guidelines require any chip or crack within the remainder of the area swept by the wipers to be contained within a diameter of 40mm.

Approved Repair Systems

Visit any National Windscreens fitting centre for a free inspection

The National Windscreens free inspection service has been designed to alert drivers to potential MOT failures.

A quick visit to any National Windscreens fitting centre for a FREE inspection can quickly and conveniently put your mind at rest.

If action is required, National Windscreens offers an approved repair system that would be cheaper than replacing the windscreen.