COVID-19 Coronavirus essential information
26th March 2020

Following the government statement on stricter lockdown measures, we have been working hard to clarify the level of service we need to provide in order to support keyworkers and essential industries, whilst keeping the safety of our staff and customers as our top priority.

For the next three weeks, or until otherwise advised by the Government, our service will only be provided to identified key workers and those needing their vehicle for essential or critical travel as permitted by the UK government.

In addition to gas and electricity suppliers, NHS fleet, blue light services, Royal Mail, telecoms companies, these include supermarkets and other food shops, health shops, pharmacies including non-dispensing pharmacies, petrol stations, home and hardware shops, laundrettes and dry cleaners, bicycle shops, garages, car rentals, pet shops, corner shops, newsagents, post offices, and banks. Also included are vulnerable customers and their caregivers.

The majority of the workers in these industries will need their own vehicles to travel to work given that public transport is being cut back and its use discouraged. We have our part to play and need to ensure that these vital services are kept on the road for the benefit of everyone.

Appointments for keyworkers / essential travel

As we continue to operate, the safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers is paramount and will always remain our highest priority.

To ensure customers meet the government criteria for work to be undertaken on their vehicle, we have suspended online booking during this period and are only taking telephone bookings. This will allow us to talk to you individually about your status prior to making an appointment.

Our keyworker / essential travel appointment hotline: 0800 955 0108 - 24/7

We will ask all customers additional questions related to Coronavirus symptoms and exposure, to ensure we safeguard you and our technicians.

  • We will ask if you are a key worker as set out in the latest government statement. The list is summarised at the beginning of this information bulletin. Please check the full list and latest updates at If you are not a key worker the appointment will not be made for at least 4 weeks in advance, and may be subject to subsequent postponement in line with any change in government guidance.
  • If anyone is self-isolating at your household or location of the job, we will rearrange the appointment for after the self-isolation has ended.
  • If your appointment is at one of our fitting centres, you will be asked to drop off and collect your vehicle and you will not be permitted to wait in our fitting centre.

If you have an existing appointment and do not meet the keyworker / essential travel criteria, please call us on 0800 955 0108 to reschedule your appointment.

What we are doing and what we need from you

To further help us meet the challenges brought about by Coronavirus in keeping you and our staff safe, we have put in place a number of robust precautionary measures that include:

  • Glass repairs will not be carried out until further notice.
  • Technicians will stay at least two metres away from you at all times and will ask you to respect this social distancing.
  • You will be requested to put the keys to your vehicle down and then retreat by at least 2 metres before you retrieve the keys. This process is reversed when the work is completed.
  • You will not need to sign for the work.
  • Where the job requires 2 technicians, we will send them in separate vehicles to complete the work.
  • Until further notice, you will be required to call the fitting centre to pay by credit card over the telephone.
  • Dynamic calibration of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) cameras will not be undertaken until further notice. If calibration is required on any vehicle, the technician will leave an advisory note to this effect in the vehicle. We will call the customer once the lockdown has been lifted in order to arrange the calibration. Static calibrations may be carried out within Government guidelines for keeping safe.
  • All of our technicians will wear new disposable gloves at the start of each appointment and dispose of them when the work is complete. They will also clean their hands thoroughly before and after every appointment.
  • Technicians will not be able to accept any refreshments.
  • The Government yesterday announced a 6 month exemption for MOT's expiring after 30th March. Accordingly we will not undertake work required for an MOT unless it falls under the Government guidelines for essential working.

We want to thank you for your co-operation, understanding and patience during these uncertain times. We really appreciate everyone's efforts and support.

We hope this update will give some peace of mind. We will continue to keep you updated of developments as the situation continues to develop.

Keyworkers and essential business types update

The following is the list of business categories and occupation types to which we are currently providing our services. At this time we are only able to undertake glass replacement services if you work in one of these categories.

Business Types

  • Ambulance Authority
  • Armed Forces - Foreign
  • Armed Forces - Republic Of Ireland
  • Armed Forces - UK
  • Armed Forces - USA
  • Automotive glass replacement
  • Bakers Supplies
  • Bakery
  • Banking
  • British Army
  • Broadcasting
  • Butchers
  • Charity
  • Child Minding
  • Childrens Home
  • Church
  • Computer Services
  • Computers
  • Computers - Hardware
  • Education
  • Education - Private
  • Education - State
  • Emergency Services
  • Financial Advisors
  • Financial Services
  • Fire Service
  • Fish Merchants
  • Fisheries
  • Fishing
  • Fishmonger
  • Food Store
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Gas Industry
  • General Store
  • Grocer
  • Haulage Contractors
  • Health Authority
  • Health Care - NHS
  • Health Care - Private
  • Heating Consultant
  • Heating Services
  • HM Forces
  • Home Help Services
  • Hospital
  • Insurance Broker
  • Insurance Company
  • Insurance Consultant
  • Laboratory
  • Law and Order
  • Local Newspaper
  • Meat Products
  • Military Police
  • National Newspaper
  • Nursing Home
  • Oil Distribution
  • Pharmacy
  • Plumbing
  • Plumbing And Heating
  • Prison Service
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Public School
  • Public Transport
  • Radiography
  • Recycling
  • Refuse Collection
  • Refuse Treatment
  • Religion
  • Royal Navy
  • School
  • Telecommunication Equipment Suppliers
  • Telecommunications
  • Territorial Army
  • Transport - PSV
  • Transport - Road
  • Undertaker
  • Voluntary Organisation
  • Waste Disposal
  • Youth Organisation

Occupations / sub category

Occupation Type Sub Category
Ambulance Crew Healthcare
Archbishop Key Public Services
ArchDeacon Key Public Services
Army - NCO/Commissioned Officer Public Safety & National Security
Army - Other Ranks Public Safety & National Security
Assistant Nurse Healthcare
Assistant Teacher Education
Auxiliary Nurse Healthcare
Bacteriologist Healthcare
Baker Food/Necessities
Bakery Assistant Food/Necessities
Bakery Manager Food/Necessities
Bakery Operator Food/Necessities
Bank Clerk Financial Services
Bank Manager Financial Services
Bank Staff Financial Services
Baptist Minister Key Public Services
Barrister Key Public Services
Biochemist Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Biologist Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Biometrician Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Biophysicist Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Bishop Key Public Services
Boiler Man Utilities
Broadcaster Key Public Services
Broadcaster - TV/Radio Key Public Services
Broadcasting Engineer Key Public Services
Brother (Church) Key Public Services
Bus Company Employee Transport
Bus Conductor Transport
Bus Driver Transport
Butcher Food/Necessities
Butchery Manager Food/Necessities
Call Centre Staff Financial Services
Canon (Church) Key Public Services
Cardinal Key Public Services
Cardiographer Healthcare
Cardiologist Healthcare
Care Assistant Healthcare
Care Manager Healthcare
Carer - Professional Healthcare
Cashier Food/Necessities
Chaplain Key Public Services
Charity Worker Key Public Services
Child Care Officer (Local Government) Key Public Services
Child Minder Education
Childminder Education
Church Army Worker Key Public Services
Church Dean Key Public Services
Church Officer Key Public Services
Claims Adjustor Financial Services
Claims Assessor Financial Services
Claims Manager Financial Services
Claims/Loss Adjustor Financial Services
Classroom Aide Education
Clergyman Key Public Services
Clinical Psychologist Healthcare
Coastguard Public Safety & National Security
College Dean Education
College Lecturer Education
College Principal Education
Commissioned Officer Public Safety & National Security
Commissioner of Police Public Safety & National Security
Commissioning Engineer Transport
Community Nurse Healthcare
Community Worker Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Companion Nurse Healthcare
Computer Analyst Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computer Consultant Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computer Editor Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computer Engineer Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computer Manager Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computer Network Controller Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computer Operator Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computer Programmer Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computer Technician Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Computing Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Coroner Key Public Services
Council Worker Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Court Officer Key Public Services
Court Reporter Key Public Services
Crime Examiner Public Safety & National Security
Criminologist Public Safety & National Security
Crown Prosecutor Key Public Services
Curate Key Public Services
Curator Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Customs And Excise Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Customs And Excise Officer Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Dairy Engineer Food/Necessities
Dairy Worker Food/Necessities
Day Care Officer Healthcare
Day Centre Officer Healthcare
Dental Assistant Healthcare
Dental Hygienist Healthcare
Dental Mechanic Healthcare
Dental Nurse Healthcare
Dental Surgeon Healthcare
Dental Technician Healthcare
Dental Therapist Healthcare
Dentist Healthcare
Dentist/Dentition Healthcare
Deputy Head Teacher Education
Dispenser (Pharmacy) Healthcare
District Nurse Healthcare
Doctor Healthcare
Doctor - Medical Healthcare
Driver - Hot Food Delivery Food/Necessities
Driver - Light Goods Food/Necessities
Driver - PSV Food/Necessities
Drug Addiction Counsellor Healthcare
Dustman Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Editor Key Public Services
Editorial Staff Key Public Services
Education Advisor Education
Education Officer Education
Electrical Contractor Utilities
Electrical Contracts Manager Utilities
Electrical Engineer Utilities
Electrical Fitter Utilities
Electrical Process Worker Utilities
Electrician Utilities
Electronic Engineer Utilities
Electronics Supervisor Utilities
Electronics Technician Utilities
Embalmer Key Public Services
Farm Manager Food/Necessities
Farm Worker Food/Necessities
Farmer Food/Necessities
Finance Director Financial Services
Finance Manager Financial Services
Finance Officer Financial Services
Financial Advisor Financial Services
Financial Analyst Financial Services
Financial Consultant Financial Services
Financier Financial Services
Fire Officer Public Safety & National Security
Fire Prevention Officer Public Safety & National Security
Firefighter Public Safety & National Security
Fireman/Woman Public Safety & National Security
First Aid Worker Healthcare
Fish Buyer Food/Necessities
Fish Merchant Food/Necessities
Fish Worker Food/Necessities
Fisheries Inspector Food/Necessities
Fisherman Food/Necessities
Fishery Manager Food/Necessities
Fishmonger Food/Necessities
Food Processor Food/Necessities
Forces - Foreign Public Safety & National Security
Forces - H.M. Public Safety & National Security
Forensic Scientist Public Safety & National Security
Fruiterer Food/Necessities
Funeral Director Key Public Services
Funeral Furnisher Key Public Services
Gas Fitter Utilities
Gas Mechanic Utilities
Gas Technician Utilities
General Practitioner Healthcare
Grave Digger Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Greengrocer Food/Necessities
Grocer Food/Necessities
Gynaecologist Healthcare
Haematologist Healthcare
Headteacher Education
Health Advisor Healthcare
Health and Safety Consultant Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Health And Safety Officer Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Health Care Assistant Healthcare
Health Planner Healthcare
Health Service Employee Healthcare
Health Therapist Healthcare
Health Visitor Healthcare
Hearing Aid Technician Healthcare
Hearing Therapist Healthcare
Heating And Ventilation Engineer Utilities
Heating Engineer Utilities
Heating/Ventilation Engineer Utilities
HGV Driver Food/Necessities
HGV Mechanic Food/Necessities
Home Help Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Homecare Manager Healthcare
Hospital Consultant Healthcare
Hospital Doctor Healthcare
Hospital Manager Healthcare
Hospital Orderly Healthcare
Hospital Photographer Healthcare
Hospital Technician Healthcare
Hospital Warden Healthcare
Hospital Worker Healthcare
Housing Assistant Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Housing Officer Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Housing Supervisor Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Hygienist Healthcare
Immigration Officer Public Safety & National Security
Inland Revenue Officer Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Inspector - Customs and Excise Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Inspector - Insurance Financial Services
Insurance Agent Financial Services
Insurance Assessor Financial Services
Insurance Broker Financial Services
Insurance Collector Financial Services
Insurance Consultant Financial Services
Insurance Inspector Financial Services
Insurance Representative Financial Services
Insurance Staff Financial Services
IT Consultant Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
IT Manager Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Journalist Key Public Services
Journalist - Freelance Key Public Services
Journalistic Agent Key Public Services
Judge Key Public Services
Justice Of The Peace Key Public Services
Laboratory Analyst Healthcare
Laboratory Assistant Healthcare
Laboratory Attendant Healthcare
Laboratory Manager Healthcare
Laboratory Operative Healthcare
Laboratory Supervisor Healthcare
Laboratory Technician Healthcare
Locum Doctor Healthcare
Locum Pharmacist Healthcare
Magistrate Key Public Services
Magistrates Clerk Key Public Services
Medical Advisor Healthcare
Medical Assistant Healthcare
Medical Consultant Healthcare
Medical Diagnostician Healthcare
Medical Officer Healthcare
Medical Physicist Healthcare
Medical Practitioner Healthcare
Medical Researcher Healthcare
Medical Secretary Healthcare
Medical Student Healthcare
Medical Student - Living At Home Healthcare
Medical Student - Living Away Healthcare
Medical Supplier Healthcare
Medical Technician Healthcare
Microbiologist Healthcare
Microscopist Healthcare
Midwife Healthcare
Minister Of Religion Key Public Services
Navy - NCO/Commissioned Officer Public Safety & National Security
Navy - Other Ranks Public Safety & National Security
Non Commissioned Officer Public Safety & National Security
Nuclear Scientist Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Nurse Healthcare
Nursing Assistant Healthcare
Nursing Auxilliary Healthcare
Nursing Manager Healthcare
Nursing Officer Healthcare
Nursing Sister Healthcare
Obstetrician Healthcare
Occupational Health Consultant Healthcare
Occupational Health Nurse Healthcare
Occupational Therapist Healthcare
Opthalmic Surgeon Healthcare
Outreach Worker Key Public Services
Paediatrician Healthcare
Paramedic Healthcare
Pathologist Healthcare
Pharmaceutical Assistant Healthcare
Pharmacist Healthcare
Pharmacy Manager Healthcare
Pharmacy Technician Healthcare
Phlebotomist Healthcare
Physician Healthcare
Physiotherapist Healthcare
Playgroup Assistant Education
Playgroup Leader Education
Plumber Utilities
Plumbing And Heating Engineer Utilities
Police - Civilian Public Safety & National Security
Police Community Support Officer Public Safety & National Security
Police Officer Public Safety & National Security
Port Officer Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Practice Manager Healthcare
Preacher Key Public Services
Press Correspondent Key Public Services
Press Officer Key Public Services
Priest Key Public Services
Prison Chaplain Public Safety & National Security
Prison Officer Public Safety & National Security
Probation Officer Public Safety & National Security
Probation Worker Public Safety & National Security
Procurator Fiscal Key Public Services
Prosthetist Healthcare
Psychiatrist Healthcare
Psychoanalyst Healthcare
Psychologist Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Psychotherapist Healthcare
Rabbi Key Public Services
Radiographer Healthcare
Radiologist Healthcare
Radiotherapist Healthcare
Railman Transport
Railway Staff Transport
Rector Key Public Services
Refuse Collector Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Registrar Key Public Services
Reporter Key Public Services
Reporter - Freelance Key Public Services
Road Sweeper Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Royal Marine Public Safety & National Security
School Counsellor Education
Scientific Officer Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Scientist Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Scientist - Atomic Energy Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Sheriff Key Public Services
Sheriff Clerk Key Public Services
Sheriff Principal Key Public Services
Sheriffs Officer Key Public Services
Shop Assistant Food/Necessities
Shop Keeper Food/Necessities
Shop Manager Food/Necessities
Shop Proprietor Food/Necessities
Social Worker Education
Soldier Public Safety & National Security
Special Constable Public Safety & National Security
Special Needs Assistant Education
State Enrolled Nurse Healthcare
State Registered Nurse Healthcare
Supply Teacher Education
Support Worker Education
Surgeon Healthcare
Surgeon - N.H.S. Healthcare
Surgeon - Non N.H.S. Healthcare
Teacher Education
Teachers Assistant Education
Technican Automotive Glass Replacment
Telecommunication Consultant Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Telecommunications Engineer Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Telecommunications Manager Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Telephone Engineer Telecoms, Nuclear, Chemical Industries
Transport Policeman Public Safety & National Security
Undertaker Key Public Services
Veterinary Assistant Food/Necessities
Veterinary Nurse Food/Necessities
Veterinary Surgeon Food/Necessities
Vicar Key Public Services
Voluntary Worker Key Public Services
Waste Disposal Worker Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies
Water Industry Worker Utilities
Welfare Assistant Key Public Services
Welfare Officer Key Public Services
Welfare Rights Officer Key Public Services
Youth Worker Local Govt. or Govt. Agencies